Our goal is to maximize the potential of your outdoor space with a well thought out and carefully designed plan.  A good design can enhance the functionality of your outdoor space while still maintaining an easy flow between the indoors and outdoors. The end result will be an outdoor living space, an oasis that becomes a part of your lifestyle and a way to reconnect with nature in your own backyard.

Ecoscapes designs always keep the original habitat in mind and use the most sustainable plants and materials available.  Therefore, native plants and trees are an integral part of our designs.  Native plants generally grow well and require little care when grown in proper soils under the right environmental conditions.  By choosing the right native plants, you may be able to use fewer pesticides and water.  Native plants and trees also support wildlife including beneficial insects, pollinators, and native birds. We are dedicated to creating an outdoor space that is as earth and ocean-friendly as possible.

Evan Bell combines his various talents as a Landscape Architect, licensed landscape contractor, and designer to help you achieve the perfect outdoor living space.  Evan also maintains a hands-on, active role in all of his projects from inception to completion